Tuesdays this Fall

7:00-8:30pm @ McKibben Room 131

We don’t care if you’ve got doubts, regrets, or outright different opinions about faith.  We are all on a pretty messy journey chasing after truth and we think it’s better to travel together, so we’ll save you a seat!

tuesday's topic

We’re kicking off a new series – a different kind of series.  The book of Acts is the conclusion to Luke’s “to be continued” Gospel.  It finishes the story of what Jesus began to do and teach during his ministry on earth.  How can he continue it now that He’s gone?  Join us Tuesday nights as we find out!

Companion Reading Plan

This plan takes you through the books of Luke and Acts over the course of 52 days. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God’s Word.

To get the full backdrop for the Book of Acts, start with Day 1.  To skip ahead to Acts itself, start on Day 25.