Summer Plans

Let’s rest and relax together this summer!  Chi Alpha has opportunities to do just that as well as chances for students to volunteer to be part of the plans being made for the Fall!  Keep scrolling for all the ways you can get connected!

Join In Person

1613 North Street

(Between McDonald’s and Taco Bell in the 2-story red brick house)

Our Study

This summer, we’ll be digging into the nature and character of God with the help of A.W. Tozer.  Read along with us!


Join Online in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download the Zoom app for your device
  2. Wait until the time for Summer Grow
  3. Click the button below

Meeting ID #786-474-602

make a difference

While we do a lot of hanging out in the summer, we also are preparing to meet hundreds of new students in the Fall.  There’s a place for you to volunteer to make a difference in a freshman’s first days on campus!  Sign up to help below!

Summer Orientation Crew

Every new student at SFA comes through an Orientation session and we want to introduce all of them to SFAXA!  To do that, we need a full team ready with a friendly smile, an invitation and probably a freebie or two.  If you’re free for a few planning meetings and can be in Nac a few days over the summer, sign up below!

Freshman Move-In

We want to be the first face our friends from Orientation see when they arrive to Move-In!  The only way we can do that is with boots on the ground, upperclassmen willing to sweat it out while lugging boxes and pushing carts in humid elevators during Freshman Move-In.  It’ll be the most worthwhile workout you’ll get all semester, so sign up below!

Follow-Up Crew

We don’t intend to meet freshmen once at Orientation and then forget about them.  We want to have a whole crew of upperclassmen ready to reach out and connect before they make it back to campus in the Fall!  If you’re friendly and good with texts, you should be part of Follow-Up!

What is the maximum number of freshman you could realistically connect with this summer?