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Movie Night!

Social Groups Co-Ed Movie Night! Ugh Monday’s! A day people usually dread and the beginning of another school week. Join my group where you can chill and enjoy watching some of your favorite movies while de-stressing in fellowship! Mondays 6:30-8:30pm Group Leader:  Dominique Yon Facebook   Instagram   RSS...

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Grow Groups Co-Ed Wisdom Seeking wisdom will take you down different roads in life, having a good foundation of wisdom will benefit for the rest of your life. So in knowing that we our diving into the wisdom literature in the Bible. we will be covering the Proverbs,Ecclesiastes,Job this semester.Loog forward to seeing you. Mondays 7:00pm-8:30pm Group Leader:  Jeffrey Arriola Facebook Instagram...

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Pursuing God

Grow Groups Co-Ed Pursuing God We will talk about our relationships with God and how surrender is an integral part of that relationship. Thursdays 7:00pm-8:00pm Group Leader:  Michael Stanford Facebook Instagram...

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Facing the Chaos

Grow Groups Co-Ed Facing the Chaos In life, we are constantly facing many challenges. Join my group as we will be going through and studying Psalm 119, a powerful and poetic psalm. You’ll gain some new insights into how God’s Word can be an encouragement and console for the struggles we face. Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm Group Leader:  Jackie Xu Facebook Instagram...

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Campus Alpha

Grow Groups Co-Ed Campus Alpha Come and enjoy a friendly atmosphere of people who are just wanting to learn and grow more in their faith. Great place to meet friends you will have throughout college and the rest of your life. Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm Group Leader:  Brooke Fly Facebook Instagram...

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