What are Jack Groups?

No one should go through life alone.  In fact, we refuse to!  Everyone needs friends who can help us along the way – Jack Groups are designed to make friends and explore faith.  Keep reading to find out about the 3 types of Groups available and then get details on when / where Groups are meeting this semester!

Social Groups

Want to meet new people and have a great time?  Whether you love big crowds or small gatherings, we all crave connection.  Social Groups are all about hanging out and having fun all while getting to know each other better!


Grow Groups

Curious about Christianity or want to learn more about faith?  Grow Groups are a place to ask questions and find answers about all things related to faith in college.  Our topics change every semester, so you should always be able to find something that interests you!

Mentor Groups

Feel stuck and not sure how to make a change?  What you need is for someone to come along side you to help navigate your Next Steps in faith.  Mentor Groups exist for that very reason, but spots are limited, so reach out to a Mentor Group leader today if you’re interested!