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This four-pack takes a look at Christians’ involvement in politics. At the beginning of the Old Testament in Genesis Chapter 1 we read about how God gives women and men the collective responsibility of stewardship over the earth. The story of the Good Samaritan told in Luke 10 illustrates how we can take individual responsibility for those living around us. As we consider whether or not there is a place for Christians to be involved in politics, these are good principles to start with. Jesus calls us to be ‘salt and light in the world’ and we are going to look at how that applies to our lives in college and in particular, Student Government. The world of student politics is a complex and volatile one, which can at first seem intimidating but is easily penetrable. Over the next few weeks we will be learning how to maintain Godly character while facing some of the hard questions that arise when we are willing to stand in the gap for Jesus.


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