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This four-pack looks at the subject of money. It is an issue that can make us feel guilty if we have it and equally guilty if we don’t! Yet, it is vital that we come to grips with it. Every day we will be earning, saving, giving or worrying about it. No wonder then that there are some 2350 verses on money in the Bible (compared to 500 on both prayer and faith) and that two-thirds of Jesus’ parables refer to it. There is no doubt the Bible views money and possessions as a very important subject for us to face. Our attitudes regarding both are an integral part of our relationship with God. Indeed, Jesus sees giving as important as prayer and fasting (Matthew 6:1-18). Christianity is no self-obsessed religion, concerned only with individual piety, but a holistic faith that sees everything we do, including what we do with our wallets, as part of following Jesus.


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