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Have you ever bought something small only to realize later you couldn’t afford something you really needed? Unless you keep in mind what you really want, you’ll spend your money on lesser things and sacrifice what is of true value in the process. Time, like money, is spent wisely or thoughtlessly. In this TFM module, learn how to keep focused on the big picture and make the little choices work toward it.

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FBS – Balancing College Life

Time is our core commodity. You can always run out of money, opportunities, and luck: you can’t run out of time. When you run out of time, your life is over. The reality is that many of us look back on our high school lives and see alot of time wasted on marginal activities such as: Facebook, video games, shopping, hanging out, etc… and not enough balancing what really matters. Our goal in college is to balance the time God has given us to glorify Christ and pursue our future hopes and dreams. The success of your college career will be largely due to how you spend your time. Time can be your worst enemy or closest ally. Don’t waste it. You choose.

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