Category: Freedom & Sin


It is guaranteed that, as you go through life, people will hurt and offend you. It is your choice whether you hold it against them, harboring resentment, or forgive them as Christ has forgiven you. In this TFM module, discover biblical principles for how to forgive others and move on from the hurts you’ve experienced.

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Moral Inventory

God’s laws are guard rails that He, the most loving Being in the universe, has established to keep you from pain and destruction. The payment you receive for sinning is death in some form, and for those who never repent, death ultimately. The wrongs you have done do not disappear from your conscience when you come to God. Past sin is recorded in the memory. These “guilt deposits” must be dealt with. Let God clean out the closets in your life where past sins are stored!

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FBS – The Taboos

Students are bombarded with making decisions on the college campus that challenge the deepest part of our morality. There are many areas of morality that are considered “grey areas” that are great for Biblical discussion. The two taboos we will be dealing with tonight are drinking alcohol and academic faithfulness because you already have or will most certainly deal with these issues. Our hope is that you will begin living out what you truly believe.

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Fusion – Renewing the Mind

This 4-pack is all about transformation. Romans 12:1-2 speaks of the renewing of the mind. We need to recognize that behind our actions and bad habits is an underlying value system that has often never been truly transformed. There are many Christians trying to live out a Christian life while deep in their head and heart they still have a value system of the world and this produces conflict. In these following 4 meetings, we want to have a look at these underlying issues. The aim of this group is to realize how our thinking affects our behavior and how God wants to change our values so our lifestyle changes.

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