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His Story

This study traces the unifying storyline of the Scriptures from God’s purposes in Creation to His climatic establishment of His kingdom in the future. Along the way, we will examine the major periods and events in biblical history with special emphasis on the similarities and dissimilarities of each period.

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The Essentials

This 10-lesson topical study of the fundamental beliefs and practices of the Christian faith presents biblical answers to life’s most important questions, including “Who is our God?” “How can we be saved?” “How shall we then live?” and many others. It is designed for believers at all stages of growth: to ground new believers in the faith as well as equip mature believers to share and defend their beliefs.

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Fusion – Cross

The death of Jesus is the most famous death in history. Multitudes of people were crucified in the ancient world. But we hardly know anything of other crucifixions. Only his death is recorded in detail and continues to make an impact. In this 4-week study, we will look at how the surprising method God chose to rescue mankind ultimately brought complete redemption, reconciled God and men, and made Jesus Lord of all.

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