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You were built to be attracted to the opposite sex. You were built with a need for love, intimacy, and a capacity for romance. You were created with sexual desire. But the natural attraction between men and women does not automatically need to lead to romance or sexual intimacy. Sexual desire is not like the desire for food – you will not die if you refrain from sex. In this TFM module, learn how to yield your sexuality to Christ, allowing Him to teach you to restrain your desires into loving and selfless channels.

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Fusion – Sex & Sexuality

Sexuality – Strong and warm and wild and free
Sexuality – Your laws do not apply to me
Sexuality – Come eat and drink and sleep with me
Sexuality – We can be what we want to be
(Billy Bragg)

Billy Bragg epitomizes with these lyrics the moral relativism that is all around us and raises many questions for the Christian life. Is God a sexless being? Or is our sexuality part of what it is to be made in the image of God? How do we respond to the current culture? Over the next four cell studies we will explore and examine our own sexuality, God’s intention for us as sexual beings and many other questions that will help us make sense of sex in a sex mad culture.

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Fusion – Relationships

For the next four meetings, we are looking at relationships. This is useful as we outwork the values of cell, such as community, sacrificial love, honesty & accountability. You will learn about how people see themselves, what they like and what they don’t like. These four meetings are fundamental as you develop into a group that has good, solid relationships with each other. You will experience community – which is much more than just meeting together. You will also see how much influence you can have both individually and as a group on the world around you as we study relationships.

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