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Sex & Dating

You were built to be attracted to the opposite sex. You were built with a need for love, intimacy, and a capacity for romance. You were created with sexual desire. But the natural attraction between men and women does not automatically need to lead to romance or sexual intimacy. Sexual desire is not like the desire for food – you will not die if you refrain from sex. In this TFM module, learn how to yield your sexuality to Christ, allowing Him to teach you to restrain your desires into loving and selfless channels.

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The Cross – Dying to Selfishness

If you want to follow Jesus, you will walk the path He took to the cross and out the other side into resurrection. There is no way to get to the resurrection except through the cross. To take up the cross is to deny yourself, or, in other words, to die to your selfishness. How do we begin to follow Jesus into selfless living? This TFM module is a great starting point!

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This 9-lesson study covers the natural relationship between sound doctrine and sound living. What we believe inevitably surfaces in how we conduct ourselves. We will learn the foundational truths of the Christian faith, truths that instruct, motivate, and transform men and women within the home, the church, and society.

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