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Jesus promised you there would be trouble in your life on earth. He, God Himself, was not spared trouble but overcame the world and the trouble in it. So, we can have courage. In this world, you follow Jesus through trouble and overcoming it like He did. How did Christ overcome? He overcame by responding rightly. This TFM module outlines how we can respond rightly to the troubles we experience.

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1 Peter – Christ’s Ambassador’s to the World

This 9-lesson study of Peter’s first epistle challenges believers to live as representatives of Christ in a hostile world where persecution and suffering are inevitable. Peter concretely links doctrine with practice to demonstrate how the grace of God enables believers to bring honor to Christ. We are encouraged to follow Christ’s example as we walk through the various roles, responsibilities and trials we encounter in this life.

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What does it look like to live a life of active faith in the midst of suffering, temptation and social challenges? This 10-lesson study reveals how James equips his readers toward spiritual maturity through practical, perspective-changing wisdom. Discover how to grow in perseverance, compassionate service, careful speech and confident prayer.

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