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Justice and the Gospel

God brings an end to injustice by breaking into history in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus announces the arrival and coming of the dominion – the Kingdom – of God. While on Earth, Jesus brought rescue to the physically and spiritually oppressed. He also prepared the way for his final coming, which will bring all that is awry into order. Redeemed by Christ, it is the responsibility of the Church to seek justice until he returns.

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In this TFM module, you will explore God’s heart and plan for the entire world. Beginning with Abraham in the Old Testament, God has been working out a plan in history to restore not just one chosen nation or even a specific group of people to Himself – but to restore people from every nation and every language! Do you have a place in this plan? How could God use you to impact people around the world?

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God is the ultimate and rightful authority over all people. He created you and then, when you strayed from Him, along with everyone else, He purchased you with His death. So, you are twice His — His because He created you and His because He purchased you from Satan’s dominion. So how do we begin to live a life that recognizes the authority of God over us? Use this TFM module to begin a journey of recognizing and living in God’s supreme authority!

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